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What is Super E®?
What makes a Super E® House?
What are the benefits of a Super EŽ home?
How do I build a Super EŽ home?

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What is Super E®?

Super E® is a Government of Canada initiative to “export” Canada’s expertise in wood-frame housing to environmentally-conscious, quality-focused builders around the world. The Super E Program partners Canadian member companies with local builders to combine best practices and deliver high-quality, high-performance, healthy homes.

Super E technical standards are based on Canada’s domestic R-2000 Program for energy-efficient homes, but are adapted for international markets. Super E standards meet or exceed local building code requirements, and are recognized by building warranty programs around the world.

In the UK, many of the practices that gointo building a Super E house can also help builders comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes. (view the PDF here)

What makes a Super E® House?

A Super E® House is designed, built and tested to meet strict performance and warranty standards, ensuring an extremely durable building in any climate. But the focus on performance does not come at the expense of design – Super E homes can be built in a variety of styles, sizes and layouts to reflect the design vision for your project.

A Super E home is designed “as a system”, factoring in the local climate, the building envelope (walls, roof and floor) and the mechanical system. The plans for every Super E house are evaluated with an energy analysis software tool – HOT2000 – enabling the designer to achieve optimal energy performance by considering all of the factors that will affect the home’s energy consumption.

The key to the Super E approach is controlling heat, air and moisture flows. High levels of insulation ensure that the home is affordable to heat/cool and can maintain a comfortable living temperature. A well-sealed air barrier makes the house draft-free, easy to heat/cool and very quiet. A high-quality mechanical ventilation system controls indoor humidity and ensures a continuous supply of fresh air for occupant comfort. Energy-efficient windows reduce heat loss and minimize condensation.

To be recognized as a Super E Home, the building must pass an air tightness test post-construction. Test results, along with approved design details, ventilation system details and as-built specifications must be submitted to the Super E House Program to confirm compliance with the technical standards. Only houses that have passed this stringent third party review and testing are eligible for registration.

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What are the benefits of a Super E® home?

The advanced housing technology of Super E® results in a quiet, clean and durable living space that is:

  • Healthy – Super E homes are built with healthy building materials to create a healthier indoor environment. Whole-house ventilation and climate control systems provide the best indoor air quality.
  • Energy efficient – Years of research and development come to bear in delivering an extremely energy-efficient building. Lower operating costs reduce the monthly cost of home ownership.
  • High quality – Super E uses superior designs, products and systems. All meet strict performance standards to ensure a high-quality house – proven, third-party tested and registered.
  • Comfortable – Super E homes are well-insulated and draft-free, allowing easy control of indoor temperature and humidity. Effective ventilation systems deliver fresh air throughout.
  • Attractive – Your design vision will not be compromised when you build a Super E home. Virtually any size, style or layout of home can be designed to meet Super E standards.

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How do I build a Super E® home?

DAC has been a Canadian member supplier of Super E® housing for more than a decade, and has been an important contributor in the development of the Super E standard.

To make your next project a Super E project, contact DAC . We will walk you through the Super E project approval process, and will then work with you to design, build and register your Super E homes.

See our Case Studies for more detail on a few of our Super E projects.

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