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The DAC System
Step 3: Logistics & delivery

Step 1: Design
Step 2: Pre-fabrication
Step 3: Logistics & delivery
Step 4: On-site erection
Step 5: Finishes

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With a DAC home, the simplicity is in the logistics, not the design.

Our detailed project co-ordination process governs every step of the project, enabling you to better manage your building cycle.

When it comes to delivery, we treat packing the components and loading your containers like a “black art”. Understanding what components are needed at each stage of the construction process enables us to pack your containers with an eye to what happens when they arrive at a crowded site. A detailed loading diagram shows on-site personnel the exact contents of each container. It’s sent ahead to give the supervisor time to plan for the arrival of the containers, avoiding delays and damage once on site.

Step 4: On-site erection