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The DAC System
Step 2: Pre-fabrication

Step 1: Design
Step 2: Pre-fabrication
Step 3: Logistics & delivery
Step 4: On-site erection
Step 5: Finishes

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A home built as a system is quieter, cleaner and more energy-efficient.

We pre-fabricate as much of your project as possible in our controlled-environment plant. Only high visual grade lumber and approved engineered wood products are used in DAC homes. All materials are stored indoors to protect them from the damaging effects of the weather. Materials used in each home are selected for optimal structural performance and to reduce cutting waste.

The unique construction of the DAC value-added panel (VAP) reflects our expertise in building science and our commitment to modern methods of construction (MMC). The DAC VAP can include pre-installed windows and doors, further reducing costs by saving time on site and lowering health and safety risk.

Building in the factory enables us to pay more attention to the details – we can ensure that your house truly is built as a system. For the occupants of your home, that means performance and comfort.

Step 3: Logistics & delivery