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Energy Efficient Building

Visit the official Super E® House Program website to learn more about Super E technology and its benefits to builders.

UK compliancePlan templates compliant to UK Housing Corporation specifications are available here

Natural Resources Canada’s Sustainable Buildings and Communities (SBC) group is recognized internationally for its leadership role in the R&D and deployment of leading-edge energy efficient and renewable energy technologies for new and existing housing, buildings and communities.

The Energy & Environmental Building Association (EEBA) provides education and resources to help the construction industry profitably deliver energy efficient and environmentally responsible buildings and communities.

Learn how DAC's "house as a system" approach can help UK builders and developers comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes (view the PDF here)

DAC's Jeff Armstrong comments on how far pre-engineered buildings have come in "The Evolution of Prefabricated Housing" from Wood Design & Building's summer 2007 issue. (view the PDF here)

Healthy Housing

CMHC is Canada’s national housing agency and is a leader in promoting the concept of Healthy Housing™. The Healthy Housing™ section of their website provides resources to help builders and renovators ensure their projects follow healthy housing principles.

The Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (HEAL) is one of the oldest organizations in the world concerned about the health effects of environmental exposures. Visit their website for more details on print publications and information on membership.

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Technical Resources

DAC has developed 10 template designs that are compliant with UK Housing Corporation specifications. To view or download the templates, click on the links below.

For Flats/Apartments
1 bedroom options – DAC 1.1 (one person occupancy) and DAC 1.2 (2 person occupancy)
2 bedroom options – DAC 1.3 (3 person occupancy) and DAC 1.4 (4 person occupancy)

For Houses
1 bedroom options – DB1 (2 person occupancy)
2 bedroom options – DAC 2.2B (4 person occupancy), DAC 2.2N (4 person occupancy), DAC 2.2W (4 person occupancy), DAC 2.2C (4 person occupancy)
3 bedroom options – DAC 2.2SE (4 person occupancy)


Download DAC’s recommendations for producing healthy houses by following three key principles.

Compare the expected energy consumption of a conventionally-built home with the same home built to Super E standards. Our HOT 2000 energy analysis software incorporates many variables including weather/climate data for the building location, building orientation, insulation levels and window performance.

Download DAC's ventilation strategies paper for an explanation of passive vs. mechanical ventilation systems.

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DAC Partners

DAC Partners have demonstrated leadership in the construction of state-of-the art, high-performance housing, and actively promote Super E® to builders in their geographic regions.

  • KOTT Group companies provide a range of products and services throughout the residential building supply chain in lumber, Engineered Wood Products, stairs and installed services. For more information visit www.kottgroup.com
  • To build a DAC Super E® home in the UK, contact Crendon Timber Engineering
  • For consulting services in the UK, contact Calford Seaden
  • For consulting services in the UK, contact GJT Consultancy
  • To build a DAC Super E home in Japan, contact DAC Japan
  • To learn more about how the Canadian government backs DAC’s efforts to export Super E homes, read this article from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. (PDF)

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Experienced DAC Builders

Visit these experienced DAC Super E home builders for more examples of our work.

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