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Case Studies

Bridgewater Bridgestone, Canada
See how easily a DAC panelized home goes from foundation to “roof ready”. Sixty man hours of building are compressed into 48 seconds of viewing.

Pink's Lane UK Pink's Lane, UK
High-Performance Social Housing

The SuperE® project set a new performance standard for social housing in the UK.

Toyota City Seniors' Residence Toyota City Seniors' Residence, Japan
Breaking new ground in wood-frame construction.

The first of its kind to be erected in Japan — the elapsed time from DAC receiving the customer order to installation of the roof was only 3 1/2 months.

Cooke's Hope, US Cooke's Hope, USA
High-Performance meets local style

This community of high-end homes was designed to combine the high-performance benefits of SuperE® technology with the local "Eastern Shore" architectural style.

More Case studies Ottawa, Canada
Feature Video: About A House

This video features an Ottawa, Canada project.

Oakley, UK Oakley, UK
Dream house design meets SuperE® specs.

These home owners had long desired to build a home of their own, but they weren't willing to compromise on their expectations.

Yu Residence, South Korea Yu Residence, South Korea
Super E demonstration home that was built in South Korea.

20,000 measurements taken from 29 locations in the home demonstrated building techniques that stood up to the elements

Bridgestone, Canada